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Why Do You Like The Garden?




In addition to our normal gardening routine, we took a second out to say why we love the garden.

"I love the garden because I get to get dirty!"

"I like going to the garden because I like planting."

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Weeding, Watering, and Mulching: Oh My!

Jun 20


This week is busy with checking the garden and seeing its progress. We learned about turnips today. Many children from the YMCA program tasted a fresh turnip for the first time!  Our young learners also helped create the labels that we will put in the Teaching Garden.

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Community Gardening!

Jun 17

We were so blessed and excited to have our friend Ben out there this morning! We planted so many more vegetables! We welcome everyone to come out on Saturday mornings anywhere from 8am-12 for our Community Gardening! IMG_0283.jpg

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New Garden!

Jun 15

We finally got all the mulch down and planted cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, beets and watermelon! Its been a productive day! So amazing to see our newest garden coming together! 

Sunrise_1.jpg Sunrise_2.jpg


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Gardening and Smoothies 

Jun 13

Even though the day was very hot, we got so much done at our Community Garden! We planted peanuts, pumpkins, starting cutting popcorn and so much more! Our group of kids did a fabulous job! And we ended the day with some very hard work on our Fit-2-Serve garden from our afternoon group and nice refreshing smoothies with fruit and even some vegetables! 

Smoothie_1.jpg Smoothie_2.jpg Smoothie_3.jpg Smoothie_4.jpg

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Sunrise Garden

Jun 9

We started tilling up our new garden over in front of Sunrise Apartments! A lot of hard work,and a lot more to go! We are excited, as a team, to see our finished product! 

Brookstone_4.jpg Brookstone_5.jpg

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Brookstone South!

Jun 9

Our group of kids, as well as the residents of Brookstone South, had an amazing time creating caterpillars and butterflies, as well as an amazing team effort between our kiddos and the residents! So amazing to see what Project Lifespan offers! 




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A productive Wednesday!!

Jun 7

Our group of kids today finished our new mulch path for our Fit-2-Serve garden, and planted many more vegetables out at our Teaching Garden! We are so excited to watch our gardens grow and to achieve one of our many goals as a team!



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Jun 6

Our first two groups today did an amazing job and we all enjoyed our day while planting grapes, peanuts, and making name tags and getting our garden ready for more plants and vegetables to come!Americorp_1.jpgAmericorp_2.jpg


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