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Fantastic Family Day!!

Jul 9, 2016 - Bill Duey

Several families came out to the garden this morning for Family Day! As always, there was a lot of work to be done and a lot of fun to be had. Our volunteers worked hard to help us pull weeds and pick rocks out of the garden.  We even discovered some ripe peppers!  In addition, our volunteers enjoyed games and activities and a taste-testing of fruit kebabs and some freshly harvested vegetables. 

Below, on the left, some of our volunteers work together to chip away at an ice block filled with frozen treasures.  On the right, a few volunteers show off the peppers they found!100_6240.jpg100_6213.jpg

Pictured below, a couple of our hard-working volunteers work at collecting rocks from the garden:100_6246.jpg

Our next Family Day is Saturday, August 13, 2016 from 8-11am.  Please feel free to stop by for a fun day of garden work, games, and taste-testing!

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