Equip people for works of service
Ephesians 4:11-13
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Intergenerational Service Learning


I hope the photo above brings a smile to your face as a lovely senior citizen is being loved on by a handsome young man! However, there is such a powerful story behind those smiles, that I hope you will indulge me as I share why this photo holds a special place in my heart.

When I was 5 years old, my family moved to Mattoon, where my father served as the pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church two miles east of the Dorans elevator. As I reflect over those years, it would be impossible to count the number of blessings my siblings and I derived from being raised in such a close-knit community. Members of the church were addressed as aunt or uncle even though there was no biological connection; however, we were family just the same. Upon my return to Mattoon, I have been blessed to re-connect with several members who attended the church where my father served. The photo above is one of those aunts of my childhood whose path I have been blessed to cross, Norma Pardieck.

Norma, now a resident at one of our senior living facilities, was one of the organists at St. Paul's Lutheran Church! She was always willing to substitute whenever Janet Homann, our regular organist, was ill or out of town. Mrs. Pardieck loved to play the organ and would always practice the Saturday before any service. Every time I see her now, I am blessed with the beautiful smile captured in that photo! I very proudly refer to her as my dad's church organist when introducing her to others.

One of our Community Bridges programs, Generation-2-Generation visits Mrs. Pardieck's facility each month. If she is not seated at one of the tables, I make a point to walk to her room to extend a personal invitation. Just as gracious as I remember her, she smiles at me then joins us at a table.

Last academic year, she and Kanari (pictured in photo) developed a special bond. Each visit, Kanari asked if he could be at Mrs. Pardieck's table; and they chatted back and forth as if they had known each other forever!

We are blessed Kanari and Mrs. Pardieck met during our Generation-2-Generation program. When I view these photos of the two of them, I deeply feel that very same sense of family my siblings and I were blessed to have had growing up with the aunts and uncles from my father's church.


dennis.png Rocky.jpg Other.jpg

My final thoughts are depicted in the photos above. Kanari and Mrs. Pardieck simply enjoyed their time together. Volumes could be written in regards to the "connections" being made when the kindergarten and third grade students from our school district visit and interact with the 200+ residents of our senior centers in Mattoon! I'm sure you will agree it's a WIN-WIN…

We all need to be loved… to be valued… to give… and receive.

Our seniors feel valued and simply LOVE on the students gathered around them each visit. Our youth feel loved and valued as they are beginning to understand PRESENCE is a gift they can give to one another.

Friendship ApplebutterĀ 


This Tuesday's story is about the photos above! One the left is a photo of the mayor of Mattoon and a student in last year's Farm-2-Table class. Members of the community were invited to be a "friend" with a class to make "Friendship Apple Butter" (aka Crock Pot Apple Butter). Mayor Gover was one of the first to accept the invitation. The young lady is Trinity Cornell. Together, Mayor Gover and Trinity cored, sliced and added ingredients to make their apple butter.

And. . . the rest of the story. . . Mayor Gover attended all three Farm-2-Table Graduation ceremonies at Williams and Riddle Elementary Schools last year. With a handshake and congratulations, Mayor Gover handed each child their Certificate of Completion! Though Mayor Gover was unable to attend this year's Friendship Apple Butter class due to an injury, he sent Mr. Kyle Gill, City Administrator, to represent the City's support! The photo on the right is Mr. Gill and Emerson working together to core an apple. Equipping at it's best!

One final note. . . Trinity is now a second grader and participates in the School-2-Farm program.

A Testament to Friendship

MavisHalen.pngAs we begin our "Tuesday's Tales" series, we felt it appropriate, to begin with a tale of friendship-a tale that expands over 20 years. The photo to the right is of two people working diligently in the garden--Plot #3 of our Community Gardens. An ordinary photo you might say, and you would be correct. However, I think you will agree it becomes an EXTRAORDINARY story as we unfold. . . the rest of the story!

Mavis Bagby and Bill Duey traveled together on a mission trip to Uganda in 2014. Shortly after, Mavis relocated to Mattoon to assist in creating a Community Garden. There are now three "community" garden plots in our Mattoon.


BillHalen.jpgThis is a photo of Bill Duey's "Little", Halen, age 6. They enjoy doing many things together; however, working in the garden is one of their favorite activities. Halen is a hard worker and takes great pride in his work. It has provided him with a true sense of value, dignity, and worth over these past years.

The photo at the very top is Mavis and Halen working together as she teaches Halen how to prepare the soil to plant strawberry plants. In the Spring of 2020, we should reap the harvest of their hard work.

Community at its best: preparing the "soil", planting the "seeds", "equipping", patiently waiting for the harvest to yield.