What is School-2-Farm? 

School-2-Farm programming deepens students’ understanding of the agricultural community. In the Fall & Spring, students travel to the Community Garden for experiential gardening practices, such as planting, weeding, & harvesting. 

School-2-Farm programs are increasing throughout our nation, both in rural & urban communities, impacting practices at schools & early childhood care facilities.

In partnership with the FFA program at Mattoon High School, Fit-2-Serve facilitates School-2-Farm programming with approximately 120 2nd graders during the academic year.

Currently, food harvested from the community gardens is not purchased to be consumed by students through the cafeteria meal offerings; but it is our hope that, in time, this will come to fruition.

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Here's what we've done so far!

January 2022

The Mattoon 2nd graders learned about farms & farmers. They created a bracelet with different colored beads to remind them of what farmers need to grow their crops. Each colored bead stood for a different necessity (i.e., the blue bead reminds them crops/plants need water). They got to sort through different toys & decide what belongs on a farm & what does not. They also played a guessing game & had to guess which food item was made with the help of which farmer.

February 2022

FFA students from the Mattoon High School hosted School-2-Farm this month, focusing on dairy & chickens. 2nd graders got to taste test & judge different types of cheese & milk, identifying taste/texture/color for each sample. They also got crafty with the students by making cow headbands!

March 2022

Students traveled to Mattoon High School again to learn about worms & soil. They prepared a “dirt cake” while learning about the layers of the earth by using chocolate pudding, Oreos & gummy worms. Students were able to dig through soil & see different types of nightcrawlers!

April 2022

Students had the opportunity to plant a flower, pepper, or herb. They got to decorate their baggie and take their plant home where it will continue to grow. The students used microscopes to look at different things we find in gardens. They also learned about food waste & how to compost by creating their own classroom compost! 

May 2022

Students visited the Community Garden where they had hands-on learning experiences such as planting potatoes & sweet potatoes, & transporting mulch with wheel barrels. In addition, they made “pollinator seed bombs” & dispersed them throughout the garden!    

September 2022

Students took a trip to our garden located by the First Presbyterian Church & learned all about harvesting. They LOVED picking the root veggies out of the ground! They also got to harvest seeds from different kinds of fruits & veggies. The students planted some garlic & learned that a garlic 'seed' is called a 'bulb'! 


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