Farmer's Market

Our produce is either sold at our Farmer's Market locations or local restaurants. What remains is donated to local food pantries.

Students in our programs, families, & volunteers help us harvest the crops from May to October. We are beyond grateful our gardens have helped bring the community together!

See times & dates for Farmer's Markets below!

Farmer's Markets

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Regenerative Garden at 1st and Broadway

From 9 -11 am every Saturday this summer, you can come to our garden located at 1st street & Broadway between St. Johns school & the First Presbyterian Church in Mattoon, IL. to buy fresh produce you can pick right from the garden!

deBuhr's Feed & Seed

Every Wednesday evening in the summer, from roughly 3-6pm, we will be at the Downtown Farmers Market in front of deBuhr's Feed & Seed located in Mattoon, IL. 

Our Produce

We use regenerative farming techniques to ensure our produce is not only nutrient-rich, but safe & chemical-free. We have partnered with Regenerative Life Farm for guidance while starting the regenerative farming process.

Regenerative farming or agriculture works to "restore soil & ecosystem health, address inequity, & leave our land, waters, & climate in better shape for future generations". Regenerative farming is all about working with nature to improve the land, using technologies that regenerate & revitalize the soil & the environment. This leads to healthy soil capable of producing high-quality, nutrient-dense food leading to productive farms & healthy communities & economies.

Overall, regenerative farming allows for sustainability by working with the land, not against it. Using these techniques can heal damage caused by industrial agriculture & build a food system that is better for people, & the environment! 

Produce List

Here's what we have available right now.




$2 - small head


$3 - large head



Green Onions


Herb Plant