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Generation-2-Generation IS being implemented in the Ashmore School District. We are currently developing a program for the Mattoon 3rd graders, as we have not been able to go into the senior living facilities this academic school year (2022).

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What is Generation-2-Generation?

Intergenerational service learning (ISL) is a partnership based on reciprocity and mutuality involving people of different ages working together to gain skills, values, and knowledge. Researchers have shown through qualitative data that all participants gain a greater appreciation for one another and recognize how much they have in common through participation in ISL.

Each month (Sept-April) of the academic year, approximately 560 elementary students from our local schools visit area senior living facilities and engage in ISL. During the summer (June-July), youth enrolled in the Mattoon Family YMCA camp programming participate in ISL with the seniors.

It is our hope and goal to have this program expand to other communities, and we welcome anyone to come and see ISL in action throughout our community of Mattoon.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, youth from kindergarten and third grade were bused to our local senior living facilities to participate in Generation-2-Generation. It is our hope that this program will become possible in the near future. Until that time arrives, students and seniors are connecting through our interim program, Adopt-A-Senior. Once a month, students from a classroom provide correspondence to the senior they have 'adopted'.


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