About Us

Fit-2-Serve is a faith-based, grass-roots not-for-profit organization founded by Dr. William “Bill” Duey & incorporated in September, 2008.

Our values are Gospel-centered.

We believe all individuals are created with equal value, dignity & worth; and all are deserving of love and respect.

We believe individuals are given distinct talents that set us apart from each other. We believe that by identifying & nurturing natural talents, they become strengths thereby creating greater levels of achievement & personal fulfillment.

We believe our Service Learning model used throughout our programming creates opportunities for individual development & fosters the deepening of relationships.

We believe transformation is possible through the creation of true collaborative environments with not only individuals but organizations & businesses.

We believe in building a strong, service-oriented culture in our community & throughout East Central Illinois.


To equip people for works of service. (Ephesians 4:11-13)


To be a catalyst for a vibrant collaborative community.

Staff Members

Presley Green

Sara Ferris

Summer Interns

Sydnie Littleford

Haley Schmitz

Natalie Fanale

Spencer Neitzel

Board Members

Beau Scott, Director

"My desire to serve on the board at F2S stems from experiencing the work that the Fit-2 Serve organization does in our community. Our family has (5) children ranging in age from 15-2. We have a daughter in 2nd grade and a son who is a sophomore. Both of these children have been involved in Fit-2-Serve programs. The interaction that they have had with F2S volunteers, staff and those involved in F2S programs are memories our children often share with us and others. Seeing an elderly, assisted living resident interact with an elementary student or a young child smiling while learning how to plant, grow and then prepare fruits and vegetables are a sampling of the wholesome work that F2S is blessed to conduct in our community. Fit-2-Serve is an organization that focuses on the connections that can be made and developed through programs centered around the work we were designed to be on this planet for."

Amy Westra, President

"I serve on the board of Fit-2-Serve because I believe in creating a brighter future for the kids in our community. As a mom of four young children, I see so much value in equipping our children, not merely to consume, but to serve among their family, neighbors, church, and community. This is the mission of Fit-2-Serve. Teaching our children to seek out ways to be productive and helpful is so important for their future and for all of us."   

Kayla Kerner, Secretary

"I fully believe in the mission of Fit-2-Serve and love serving with them because their programming is impactful and truly brings out the beauty of our community!"

Jeanna Gross, Member

“I am honored to be a small part of such an enormous mission. I am a piece of an intricate ecumenical team. Who are like-minded in spreading the love of Jesus throughout our Coles County, Illinois community.”   

John Pruitt, Member

"How do you serve God? Serve His people!! That’s exactly what Fit 2 Serve does!! I am excited to join such a great organization that believes in community. God has given us all the resources. Now, how do we use them in service to Him and one another? I believe Fit 2 Serve’s programming is a great “organic” model to growing one another in love!"


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