What is Learn-2-Grow?

Learn-2-Grow is the initial engagement a student has in Community Bridges programming. The goal is to introduce kindergarten students to the basics of gardening and bring awareness to the importance of caring for our environment.

Each month, they are led through three different stations of activities and read a story centered on a specific topic. The program is designed to equip the students with a basic understanding of what is required for a plant to grow in a garden—from insects to soil; from weeding and watering; from patience to a successful harvest!

As students continue on their educational journey, they will experience a Community Bridges program from kindergarten through fourth grade. Each program’s curriculum is intentionally designed to build on and deepen students’ knowledge from year to year. It also provides the opportunity to build relationships with students and their community.  

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Each month the students learn about a different topic. Here's what they've learned so far!


All About Seeds

The students learned about seeds & the importance of sunlight & rainwater for growth. They sorted seeds, planted their own sunflower or zinnia seed & examined different vegetable & fruit seeds with a magnifying glass.


All About Fruit

The students learned that fruits come in all shapes, sizes & colors. They created their own apple core, played a fruit matching game, & colored a coloring packet of different colored fruit. 


All About Pumpkins

The students learned about the stages of growth. Specifically, the lifecycle of a pumpkin. They made their own pumpkin bracelets &  pumpkin seed packets!


All About Pollinators

The students learned what pollinators are & what they do in order for us to grow food. They decorated & glued together a butterfly, played a pollination game, and colored a pollination story book.


Under the Ground

The students learned about things that grow & live under the ground. They created their own veggie garden, played a bingo game, & made an earth worm.


All About Chickens

The students learned all about chickens by playing a rooster vs. hen question game. They also created their own chicken & learned the about the chicken lifecycle. 


Flower Pot Recap

The students decorated a flower pot with stickers to remind them of all the lessons we have had up to this point. They not only decorated those flower pots, but added soil & planted basil seeds!


Our Community Garden

 The students created a class community garden. They each chose a spot on the paper & their gardens came to life! They added fruits, vegetables, flowers, bees, butterflies, & many other things you'd find in a garden! The students learned that they could come together & create something beautiful. 


Let's Celebrate

For the final session, the students were given a baggie, wet cotton balls, & green bean seeds to be able to watch the seeds sprout over the next few days. Like the seeds, the students will continue to grow & flourish! They were super excited to learn that after summer break they will be in our Farm-2-Table program! Since the students 'graduated', we celebrated by handing out certificates of completion  & lollipops!


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