What is Learn-2-Grow?

Learn-2-Grow is the initial engagement a student has in Community Bridges programming. The goal is to introduce kindergarten students to the basics of gardening & bring awareness to the importance of caring for our environment.

Each month, they are led through three different stations of activities & read a story centered on a specific topic. The program is designed to equip the students with a basic understanding of what is required for a plant to grow in a garden—from insects to soil; from weeding & watering; from patience to a successful harvest!

As students continue on their educational journey, they will experience a Community Bridges program from kindergarten through fourth grade. Each program’s curriculum is intentionally designed to build on & deepen students’ knowledge from year to year. It also provides the opportunity to build relationships with students & their community.  

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Each month the students learn about a different topic. Check it out!


All About Seeds

The students learned about seeds & the importance of sunlight & rainwater for growth. They sorted seeds, planted their own flower seed & examined different vegetable & fruit seeds with a magnifying glass.


All About Fruit

The students learned that fruits come in all shapes, sizes & colors. They created their own apple core, played a fruit matching game, & colored a packet of fruits. 


Pumpkins Grow on Vines

The kindergarteners learned that pumpkins & other fruit & veggies grow on vines. They learned the lifecycle of a pumpkin, made pumpkin bracelets, & decorated their own pumpkin seed packets.


Holy Whole Grains

The students learned what grain is, & the types of grains we eat by observing them with magnifying glasses. They created a farm-to-table bookmark & made their own muffin!


Under the Ground

The students are learning about worms & root vegetables! They learned the different parts of an earthworm, created their own root veggie garden, & played a bingo game!


Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The students learned about chickens by playing a "Guess Who" game, making their own hen, & learning the lifecycle of a chicken.



The students learned about pollen & the importance of pollinators by creating a butterfly, coloring & reading "My Pollination Storybook", & playing a pollination game!



The students learned about community & how we can all come together to create something beautiful as we all have different talents & gifts.


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