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"I can't say how much I've loved being a part of Farm-2-Table and having the opportunity to help our local children learn and grow. It's very rewarding to watch the kids take in new information and know I helped make that happen. This program, along with all other Fit-2-Serve programs for local youth, truly make a difference in our community and benefit all children (and volunteers!) who take part in them! They encourage children to be active learners and truly understand the material. Volunteering with Fit-2-Serve is an experience I wouldn't trade for the world"

Brook Ozier


"I loved volunteering at Farm-2-Table. The program is amazing and interactive. I love seeing the students engage in the lessons and try new things. Students were always so happy to be there and learn. Volunteering was such an exciting opportunity, I can't wait to volunteer again!"

Stephanie Rojo


Hi! My name is Jana. I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ, and I love volunteering at Farm-2-Table! I learned about Farm-2-Table when Truth and Grace asked for volunteers to help once a month. I nervously showed up my first time and met a group of students that would become my special little friends over the next 9 months. I worked with Mrs. Sharp’s class every month. Then I learned about Mrs. Hall’s friends, and I began volunteering more often. Every visit is a chance to help students grow emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Thank you, Farm-2-Table, for giving me the opportunity to grow as well!

Jana Powell



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