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Ephesians 4:11-13
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A Testament to Friendship

Nov 4, 2019 - Bill Duey

MavisHalen.pngAs we begin our "Tuesday's Tales" series, we felt it appropriate, to begin with a tale of friendship-a tale that expands over 20 years. The photo to the right is of two people working diligently in the garden--Plot #3 of our Community Gardens. An ordinary photo you might say, and you would be correct. However, I think you will agree it becomes an EXTRAORDINARY story as we unfold. . . the rest of the story!

Mavis Bagby and Bill Duey traveled together on a mission trip to Uganda in 2014. Shortly after, Mavis relocated to Mattoon to assist in creating a Community Garden. There are now three "community" garden plots in our Mattoon.


BillHalen.jpgThis is a photo of Bill Duey's "Little", Halen, age 6. They enjoy doing many things together; however, working in the garden is one of their favorite activities. Halen is a hard worker and takes great pride in his work. It has provided him with a true sense of value, dignity, and worth over these past years.

The photo at the very top is Mavis and Halen working together as she teaches Halen how to prepare the soil to plant strawberry plants. In the Spring of 2020, we should reap the harvest of their hard work.

Community at its best: preparing the "soil", planting the "seeds", "equipping", patiently waiting for the harvest to yield.