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Precious Moments :)

Jun 2, 2015 - Bill Duey

Precious-Moments.jpgMy mom and sister use to collect Precious Moments figurines. The mission of the company that makes them is to “make the world a better place by helping people share the gift of love.”  Today, I was blessed to observe a very tangible precious moment and I just had to share!  Right before church started, a woman handed me an afghan she made and asked me to give it to someone in need.  The afghans she has made in the past were delivered to those residing in our local homeless shelter or that recently transitioned out of the shelter.  However, I opted to deliver this particular afghan to a couple that live in a local nursing home.  When I presented the afghan to Les and Evelyn, the precious moment came as they received the gift!  Their joy was tangible and heart-warming.  I am amazed how a gift of love passed on to another can become such a potent precious moment!  Perhaps that should be the mission of the body of Christ…to pass on and to receive the precious gift of love from one another.

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